Pillowtalk med Peg och Penny

Pillow Talk med Peg och Penny: the Parnevik sisters – Peg and Penny – share their awkward thoughts and funny insights on relationships, sex, men and family.

Mañana podcast

Mañana podcast: The founders of, Malin Möller and Lisa Orrenius, share vacation memories, give hands on city recommendations, and talk about the importance of conscious travel.

Svenska Hollywoodfruar – s10

Svenska Hollywood fruar: The glamorous life of some of Hollywood’s most remarkable Swedish wives.


Lillelördag: An insight in the world of celebrities and gossip matched together with thoughts on politics and social awareness. Ann Söderlund and Anitha Schulman offers it all.

Mellan raderna

Mellan raderna: Karin Jihde and Jeanette ”Peppe” Öhman talk about reading books and what books to read, writing books, authors, styles, techniques and whether to read or listen to them.

Blankens Swanberg

Blankens Swanberg: Blankens Swanberg is a podcast about life, trends and the hosts – Cecilia Blankens and Johanna Swanberg.


Krönika: A series of Op-Eds for Sveriges Radio’s Popula.

Att lyckas i L.A.

Att lyckas i L.A.: How to make it in L.A. – Ten interviews on how to make it i Los Angeles. This is the concluding episode.

Magnus och Peppes podcast

Magnus och Peppes podcast: A listener funded podcast about media, feminism, news and journalism with me and Jeanette ”Peppe” Öhman.

Hjärtevänner – s1, s2

Hjärtevänner: A heartwarming show where elderly people are given the chance to find a new friend in life. The show was aired in all the nordic countries.